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We stand among the established Rubber Conveyor Belt manufacturers and exporters of India. MRBELTS Conveyor Belts are manufactured to meet various requirements that arise in material handling in number of industrial sectors including mining, steel, fertilizers, cement, thermal power, food canning, pharmaceutical, collieries and washeries. MRBELTS Conveyor Belts are advantageously employed in the movement of various materials like coal, limestone, iron ore, ash and so on. MRBELTS Conveyor Belts are made up from high strength, pre - stretched fabrics, rubberized with the best quality of compounds to withstand weather conditions, materials impact and other industrial hazards. The cover rubber formulations are designed for various applications, including Anti-abrasive – M-24; N-17; Heat Resistant – HR / SHR / UHR; Oil Resistant – OR; Hygienic – Food grade – odourless; Fire Retardent – FR, as per IS : 1891(Parts 1 to 5), equivalent to International Standards.

The belts are manufactured both in cut & mould edge constructions.

MRBELTS” Range of Conveyor Belts are based on Carcasses of variety of Fabrics :

  • Cotton / Cotton - CC
  • Cotton / Nylon - CN
  • Nylon / Nylon - N6 & 66
  • Polyester / Nylon - EP

Why “MRBELTS” Conveyor Belts?

Higher Adhesion Levels
This is made possible by the chemical bonding coupled with mechanical locking properties between cover-to-ply and ply-to-ply. As a result, it contributes to edge wear resistance, higher edge and carcass consolidation and eliminates cover peeling and ply separation.

High Ply Strength and Lower Self Weight
The higher ply strength of synthetic fabric enables conveyor belts to meet higher tension requirements, using lesser number of plies. Also, due to the special fabric weave specification, MRBELTS conveyor belts are lighter in weight, thereby resulting in benefits like :

  • Low drive power requirement
  • Higher idler life
  • Longer belt lengths, which reduces the number of joints in long overall conveyor installation

Outstanding Impact Resistance
Inter-ply rubber thickness maximizes the impact absorption and reduces carcass damage, leading to long life of the MRBELTS Belts.

Elimination of Edge Protection
Synthetic fabric is hydro-absorption resistant and full width reinforcement renders high edge wear resistance. This, coupled with improved consolidation, makes MRBELTS conveyor belts highly recommendable with cut edge construction, as they perform effectively under adverse environment.

Higher Longitudinal Flexing
The carcass of MRBELTS conveyor belts is designed to provide longitudinal flexibility and reduce flex fatigue, staring on the belts. This enables it to operate on relatively small diameter terminal pulleys and with sufficient transverse rigidity to provide load support and resistance from pitting between the flat and inclined idlers of the conveyor system.

'MRBELTS' conveyor belts are resistant to moisture and can be stored outdoors in original packing for limited time period ; however, longer periods may result in premature ageing of the belting.

However, to keep the belts in optimum condition, it is advised outdoor storage should be restricted as far as possible. The storage premises must provide protection from direct sunlight, ultra-violet radiation and should be well ventilated. Contact of belts with chemicals, oil, grease, solvents and acids should be avoided as this can damage the belts.

Splicing Services
Conveyor Belts can be rendered endless by joining the two ends of a length of belting. This is done through the use of fastener, or more effectively by vulcanized splicing. The joint in any conveyor belt is the weakest point and therefore, reliable, clean and meticulous workmanship is a pre-requisite for belt splicing. Considering the maximum service life of the belting in operating conditions, hot splicing is generally recommended for all types of conveyor belting.

For dependable quality of splicing, MRBELTS services are also available.

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